Tally ERP 9 course is easy ?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Tally is an "accounting package." It is an example of accounting and inventory management software created by Sri Bharat Gopenka in 1988. In 1988, Pentronic PLTD manufactured and developed it.

It is a well-known worldwide program with a user-friendly interface; hence, many people use it for accounting.

  1. One of the most popular accounting software programs has the following features:

  2. Tally's initial edition was published in 1988, and it is now widely regarded as one of the leading accounting software programs in the world, with over 100000 users and continuously expanding.

  3. No accounting codes: While many computerized accounting programs use numeric codes to keep accounts, Tally was the first to introduce the notion of no accounting codes, allowing Tally users to provide meaningful names to their data through the system.

  4. Complete company solution: Tally course provides a complete accounting solution for businesses. Financial accounting and booking, inventory accounting, and numerical tools for extracting, analyzing, and presenting data to aid in company management and decision-making are all included in the package.

  5. Integrated vs. non-integrated accounting and inventory: The user can choose whether accounting, inventory, or both parts of the system are utilized, as well as whether accounting and inventory are to be integrated or not. tally training in erode

  6. Easy to understand.

  7. Adaptable.

  8. There is aid available online.

  9. Print from your computer.

  10. Security management.

  • Tally may be used to manage numerous enterprises.

  • Maintain a variety of currencies.

  • Keep track of numerous financial years.

  • Creating financial reports (ledger and cash, bank books, profit and losses,).

  • Alter, remove, and cancel the voucher,

  • then put it in the center of the books.

  • The formation of a stock group, stock items, and a unit of measurement.

  • Organize numerous product storage areas.

  • Invoices for purchases and sales are created.

  • Preparation of sales returns and purchases.

  • Maintenance of payroll accounts.

  • Maintenance of statutory accounts (GST, TDS)

  • Data backup and restore, as well as data export and import.

Educational mode is one of the modes available.

Mode with a license.

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